BCC Group LLC has opened a new fabrication plant

Following the market needs and demand of the steel structure, BCC Group is taking the challenge and increasing its fabrication capabilities significantly. The new fabrication plant is built next to the existing one in Baku, Darnagul district.

The new facility increases the company's total closed manufacturing space to more than 5000 m2. The total includes the existing:

– fabrication plant similar size at the same location
– sandblasting shop
– painting/coating workshop

By commissioning a new plant, BCC Group increased its fabrication capabilities twice and now we have a capacity to fabricate 600 – 800 tons of steel structure per month.

"This new facility enables us to offer our customers metal fabrication of each type. We are providing engineering solutions through an expanded range of metalworking processes and welding technologies. Our in-house engineering team uses advanced modeling software and state-of-the-art equipment, which enables us to provide customers with tailored solutions that can add to long-term product performance, in some of the most challenging industrial applications."

The new plant has 40-ton in-house lifting capacity (4 overhead cranes) and oversized factory doors, enabling the company to fabricate and ship extra-large metal components.

The facility is located in the industrial part of the city and has an easy access to the main roads, simplifying the shipment of products throughout the country and regionally.

BCC Group manufactures different types of metal components that are frequently used in industries such as energy and power generation; oil&gas; aviation; hydro construction and other unique bridge construction; chemical processing, civil construction and metal-producing facilities, etc.

The plant is completed and commissioned in summer 2020.