BCC Group completed a project in Shirvan

Recently, BCC Group executed a strategic project in Shirvan district for improvement of the work of the "Canub" Electric Station.

The problem at the "Canub" ES occurred with the falling of the water level in the Kura river. The pump station, based on the river bank, is supplying a cooling water for the working process of the power station. Due to this issue, the onshore pumping station was not able to work and perform full power and the pumps were facing difficulties during the pumping process. Accordingly, the cooling of the process equipment and the production capacity of the power plant were significantly reduced.

To solve this problem, BCC Group provided an engineering solution, and in shortest time schedule succeeded to construct a large submerged dam around 400 meters below the pumping station, increasing the level of the river at the pump station. The project was successfully completed in November 2020 and it increased the river level to the satisfactory level so at the pump station can work uninterruptedly.

  • polad istehsali
  • steel fabrication